Travel Videos our our specialty and we call our approach, the First Person Perspective©. We strive to bring you up close and personal with each country we cover. So far we have documented Costa Rica and Belize and both are available on a single DVD. Other destinations are in the works and to learn more about either Costa Rica or Belize click here.

From corporate training videos to product demonstrations, RK Productions has the skill and experience to bring your ideas to life. Maybe you want a set of training videos for new staff members. Perhaps you sell a complicated product that requires extensive setup or maintenance? With our help, you can provide your client with a sophisticated CD-ROM or DVD which details the setup and maintenance of your product.

Sounds good, but expensive at the same time right? Not so. Today's high resolution digital video cameras and computer based non-linear editing systems have made what was once prohibitively expensive, very affordable. Send us an e-mail and we can discuss your particular needs.