RK Productions was founded by enthusiasts of not only travel, but video production. All video is shot digitally and edited via computer to keep quality as high as possible. Our products are available on DVD as well as VHS video tape.

Our goal is to encourage people to get out and see the world. We do that by producing what we call "first person perspective" travel videos. We have seen one too many programs that claim to bring you up close and personal with whatever the subject matter may be and yet we always felt like we never left our hotel room. We like to think the extra effort we put into our products results in a more accurate depiction of what travelers will find on their own journey. It is impossible for any video to completely blanket a country so instead, we focus on some of the more popular areas within each country.

We believe that the taste we provide of a particular location is accurate and representative of what you will find when you take your own trip.