The islands await           The Unspoiled Caribbean    
Relaxation is what traveling is all about for many people. The Cayes ("keys") of Belize are home to some of the clearest, and cleanest, water found any where in the world. Whether your interests are snorkeling, diving or just cruising through the azure waters, the Cayes of Belize will provide the experience of a lifetime.

Forty minutes from Belize city lies the tiny island known as Caye Caulker. The island is only four miles in length and yet only a mile of that is occupied by people. Caulker was at one time a haven for pirates, but now is home to easy going people who still make there living from the sea. Only recently has tourism surpassed fishing as the number one industry on Caulker.

Caye Ambergris is home to the city of San Pedro and it is the only city on the island. Even though Ambergris is six times the size of Caulker, it has yet to be overrun by high rise hotels. Few structures are more than two stories tall and there is not a paved road on the island. Getting around is no more complicated than renting a bicycle. Those who are not interested in cycling might rent a golf cart.