Seasoned travelers may not remember a country named Belize; but they will remember British Honduras. Those lucky enough to have visited British Honduras will tell tales of Mayan cities re-claimed by the jungle only to be re-discovered by archaeologists in the early 1900's. They will talk of crystal clear waters abundant with marine life. Some will claim to have seen the elusive Jaguar roaming the dense forests of the Cockscomb basin.

All of their statements will be accurate, including the words that British Honduras no longer exists. That is because in 1973, as a step toward gaining independence from British rule, the people of British Honduras re-named their country Belize.

No one is certain where the name Belize originated. Some say it is a Mayan term for river while others claim it is a combination of two of the names of Belize's early explorers. Whatever the case may be, Belize still exists as it did decades ago and is one of only a few places in the world that can boast being unspoiled by tourism. Click the map for a preview.