RK Productions is proud to introduce our first travel video, Costa Rica and Belize, available on both DVD and VHS (pictured).

Shot and edited in the digital world, "Costa Rica and Belize" gives you an up close and personal look at two of the worlds most popular destinations. This 50 minute video takes you on a highlights tour of several of each country's popular tourist spots. The DVD features both multi-channel surround audio in addition to traditional two-channel stereo.

In Costa Rica we take you from the busy streets of the capital city of San Jose to the spectacular beaches at the Manuel Antonio National Park. We take a trip up the Sarapaqui river to spot local wildlife and search the pacific coast for Costa Rica's top beach destinations.

In Belize we tour two of the more than 30 Mayan ruins found in the country including Caracol; the city-state that toppled Tikal. We take a look at the sleepy fishing town of Placencia and take a trip to the Cayes for snorkeling and diving.


We cover these places and much more, but we don't want to reveal everything right here. Suffice it to say that adventure lurks around every corner and even jaded travelers will find many reasons to come back again and again. To buy the video, click here for secure on-line ordering. For a preview click here.

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